Model displayed: 5’5” • 20” • 2 3/8”.

Our classic fish. Relaxed rocker and full outline allow for lots of paddle power and speed. Flat to double concave to vee, it is very well suited for both a twin keel fin or a quad set up for increased control. Featuring modern rails and a refined swallow tail, it handles everything from 1 ft to 4 ft surf, effortlessly generating speed and carrying a smooth feeling under the feet. It excels in clean waves, especially if set up as a twin fin. To be ridden as short as possible, this model is an all time favourite. A fun board for clean beach and point breaks.

Craig testing a 5’5’” Commuter with a quad set up in fun conditions at Winkipop.

. . . IN STOCK . .

  • DIMENSIONS: 5’5” • 20” • 2 3/8”.

  • CONTRUSCTION: PU FOAM - Polyester resin - Fibreglass.

  • GLASS JOB: 6+4 oz deck - 6 oz bottom.

  • FIN SET UP: Twin fin - Futures plugs.

  • DESIGN: Peach orange tint.

  • PRICE: AUD $720.00