Model displayed: 5’5” • 5’4’’ • 20 1/4” • 2 1/2” for goofy footers.

Asymmetric designs have been mainly developed to facilitate backhand surfing. The idea behind the design come from the fact that we cannot put as much weight and lean on our heels as much as we can on out toes. The only time we surf ‘‘symmetrically’’ is when we paddle, but as soon as we stand up on the board the symmetry is broken. Asymmetric surfboards work around this very simple concept. The Asymmetric Commuter is a ‘‘normal’’ Commuter fish on the toe-side. But the back-hand is a slightly different story. The heel-side rail is thicker and boxier to help avoid bogging (which happens mostly to the heel-side), the tail rocker is more pronounced, the concave is deeper and the rail line is shorter and curvier that the toe-side. This translates in a more forgiving quad fish on the back hand, which still maintains the speed and flow of a twin fin when surfed on the forehand. The board feels surprisingly natural to ride, with smooth rail-to-rail transitions and speed to burn.

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